Born in 55555 (May 5th, 2005 at 5 AM – 5th Floor), Activator has become the pioneer in Advertising Business by starting his act as The First Local Brand Activation Agency. When specialized agencies have risen in 2008, Activator has put his self on the battle of advertising through brand activation with expertise in brand experience and brand engagement.

Under subsidiary of Fortune Indonesia, the only IPO (Initial Public Opening) Advertising Company member in Indonesian Stock Exchange with the name FORU, Activator is ready to face the challenges of the advertising world. Together with its stakeholders, Activator takes one step ahead to stand in the same level with multinational agencies. Activator has spread its wings in to a new way of communication which lately known as Through The Line.

In order to elaborate the "communication idea" or commonly called “the extr-ACT” and to deliver the desired communication objectives, Activator utilizes integrated channels on either Above or Below The Line. Activator is the Branded Content & Entertainment Specialist.

ACTIVATOR: We Turn Brands On
We are not only communicating what our brand has to offer, we are unlocking its full potential by proposing strategic and insightful communication program. We also stop seeing consumer as consumer, but we see them as people who have different wants, opinion, preferences and more specific needs. We engage the brand with its consumer directly by sharing experience from non-mainstream channel.

While the ATL communicates through media such as television, cinema, radio, print, and out-of-home to promote brands or convey a specific offer, and the BTL uses unconventional brand-building and promotional strategies, such as direct mail, sales promotions, flyers, point-of-sale, telemarketing and printed media, we utilize all of their channels.

Now is the future of advertising… and we are ready to face it.
With a single touch to activate
Activator is here to innovate!


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